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Misha receiving a birthday present from fans on the Vancon 2014 Cruise - The birthday message is made up of words that people use to describe Misha, and the writing all around it is messages from fans. Awesome project led by @carryon_spn on twitter!


smuttydestiel: chris martin or tyler hoechlin


stiles stilinski + lacrosse



Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Rupert Giles, The Quotable Librarian

Rupert was one of the best things that ever happened to this show, I swear to god.  He was the One Sane Man, and that applied when the protagonists had good ideas, too, except for the parts where he was human and just a guy, and that was awesome, too.

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spnmeme - 2 quotes (1/2)

"Family don’t end with blood."

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the fact that they did a photo shoot of this episode is what keeps me going

Stiles I-don’t-know-how-the-hell-to-fix-my-jeep-but-fuck-it-I’m-gonna-do-random-things-to-it-anyway-and-hope-it-works Stilinski

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